America Destroyed Net Neutrality: Is VPN helpful in this case?

America Destroyed Net Neutrality: Is VPN helpful in this case?

Net Neutrality received a blow from the FCC on June 11th,2018. Net neutrality came into existence when internet service providers were designated as Title II utility providers in 20xx. Internet service providers (ISP)were forbidden from playing favorites on their network by the net neutrality rules. So service providers now have the liberty to mess with your connection, slow or rush lanes. So without net neutrality, whats left of you?Net Neutrality

Is VPN helpful in this case?

VPN is helpful in a way that it helps you hide the services you are using from your data provider or ISP.

American ISPs normally choose preferred services for their customers by zero-rating. They will also throttle or blacklist what they don’t agree with. If you engage in cryptocurrency use, you will most definitely need a certain type of internet plan to enjoy the full functionality of the internet. There are specialty plans available for users who need more bandwidth for streaming or lower latency for gaming though at inflated prices.

The basic function of VPN is to hide the specifics of your internet use from your ISP. VPN provides secure encryption and changes your IP address. However, there are other best security practices you need to take. Your ISP wont be able to throttle you if they cannot tell the website you are visiting or the service you are using. So they will not be able to zero rate you.

My country doesn’t support net neutrality, should I use VPN?

There are countries that have embraced net neutrality like Canada, while others like Portugal haven’t. But regardless of the availability of net utility in your country, you can still use a VPN to privatize your internet access when online.

Net neutrality could make a comeback in America

There is still hope for those still lamenting the recent repeal of net neutrality. The US senate voted 52-47 last month to pass a reversal of the FCC’s net neutral appeal. However, before this can be reversed, the bill needs to pass House of Representatives where there is a split of votes. So to keep the hope still strong, call your house representative and let him or her know why it is important to vote for net neutrality when that time comes.

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