What are the Dangers of Using a Free VPN service?

What are the Dangers of Using a Free VPN service?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technology through which you can connect to a server that will encrypt your internet connection. So you can mask your real identity. Free VPNs are useful, but they can become dangerous.

VPNs are a way of accessing blocked content in your region, as well as a way to stay anonymous on the internet. These services are either paid or free.

26% of Internet users in the world use a VPN, according to Statista data. 30% of those with Internet access in the Asia Pacific region use such services to get rid of censorship in those regions, far more than the global average.

AnchorFree, the company behind Hotspot Shield, perhaps the most visited VPN service in the world, reported that over 600 million people downloaded their VPN software. 100 million downloads were made only in 2017, along with the US Congress’s decision to allow ISPs (Internet Service Provider) to sell user data.

It is clear that the interest in keeping privacy on the Internet is increasing, so more and more users are turning to free VPN services. That may not be a good thing.free vpn on internet

What happens when you use a free VPN?

A free service can hide your IP, but it can impose bandwidth restrictions or internet access speeds. In addition, free service providers could register different information to sell later. Many of these programs are not transparent about what happens to your data, many free VPNs sell your data to third parties, and some VPNs of this kind have been found guilty of even more unpleasant practices, such as injecting advertisements and redirecting your internet traffic to certain sites.

Hotspot Shield (600 million downloads) has been found guilty of selling data to third-party users, as well as redirecting traffic to certain affiliate sites.

Hola (160 million users) has a business model that takes advantage of its users. Hola has a free but paid service. The company promises unlimited data traffic and does not even advertise. Sounds too good to be true, and that’s how it is.

A group of security researchers have found that Hola sells access to your computer to users who choose to pay. So, you might find that someone has accessed certain illegal sites using your IP.

Betternet (38 million users) sells its users directly to advertisers. Thus, they have access to your Internet behavior so you can also deliver more personalized ads.

VPNs are very useful. You have to think, however, that when you do not pay for a service or product it means most likely that you are the service/product. That company takes care to monetize this.

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